Sunshine in the Rain

21:39 Karen 7 Comments

Anyone who lives in the south east of England, well in almost any part of England at the moment will know that we are experiencing rain, torrential rain, non-stop rain, in fact every type of rain all the time. It has gone on for days, the end of our road is flooded and so David has to take a 5 mile detour to get to work and I have to drive through massive puddles to get to my job. 

 BUT sometimes there is a little ray of sunshine that peeps through the rain. I had one of these on Saturday - not a day I was looking forward to. It started with me getting up and sorting out the cheques etc. to pay into the bank for David's business, followed by a large food shop and on my way home from the food shop I was thinking that the rest of the day would be pants too as I had all of David's suppliers to pay (the joy of being married to someone who is self employed) a job that takes several hours. 

It was absolutely chucking it down with rain and when I got home there was a parcel addressed to me in the porch, a parcel all the way from Spain, a parcel that felt very interesting. Without even taking of my wet coat and shoes I tore it open to find this 

and then this 

and it was from 

Thank you Alison for sending me some Spanish sunshine on a very wet Saturday. xxx 

Reason to be cheerful: 

The lovely and generous ladies that I regularly converse with over the internet and the way that a simple thoughtful act can make a boring day into a wonderful one.



Sandra said...

I don't suppose there was any sun in that lovely parcel too, was there lol. It really makes me smile when I think of all the lovely blog friends out there

scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely surprise.

Cheri said...

glad you had such a bright spot of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day!

Amy said...

Glorious! :-)

Rhona said...

How wonderful, no wonder it brightened your day :) Love surprise packages!xx

Alison said...

So glad it arrived safely...and rest assured if I could have squeezed in some sunshine, I would have!
Alison xx

Sian said...

What a lovely surprise! we've been watching the rain on the news - it looks miserable :(